Thursday, April 2, 2009

Banks repay TARP money

Four different banks paid back their TARP loans yesterday, the first of the lot to do so. Signature Bank of New York; Old National Bancorp of Evansville, Ind.; Iberiabank down in Lafayette, La.; and California’s Bank of Marin paid back a collective $338 million, mostly by repurchasing the shares Uncle Sam bartered in exchange for the capital.

“It became apparent that we should return these funds to the Treasury,” said Signature’s CEO Joseph J. DePaolo. “The return of these funds allows us to continue to execute our business model, which includes the successful recruitment and retention of highly talented banking professionals throughout the metropolitan New York area.”

DePaolo went on to say TARP pressures and restrictions “adversely affected our business model.” In other words, the feds had forced him to borrow taxpayer cash and then hamstrung his ability to pay employees.

If small banks are starting to walk without a government crutch, should we expect those that are “too big to fail” to follow? Heh… not quite yet.

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