Friday, October 2, 2009

Market Reflections 10/1/2009

Disappointment for jobless claims, a less-than-robust ISM manufacturing report and a big plunge in vehicle sales tripped a move toward safety and profit-taking in stocks. The S&P ended at its lows in a rush of late session selling, down 2.6 percent to 1,029. Initial jobless claims did rise but after several weeks of substantial improvement, and ISM data showed steady month-to-month expansion with inventories now kicking in to make up for slowing but still sizable rates of month-to-month growth in orders and production. But vehicle sales have no silver lining, pointing to big trouble for the September retail sales report. Demand for safety helped the dollar, with the dollar index up 0.6 percent to 77.19, and also helped Treasuries where the 10-year yield fell 12 basis points to 3.19 percent.

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