Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Congressional "bailout/stimulus" bill

I am deeply dissappointed to see that the House is totally uninterested in clarity, truth in labelling or anything remotely resembling the CHANGE our President was elected to effect.

This bill that passed the house contains every Pork program that Democrats have dreamed about for the last 20 years.

It is not a jobs bill. Its a PORK bill.

It is not a stimulus bill it is a PORK spending bill.

I am of the opinion that every member of the House should be required to go out an spend the next 6 months trying to start a business that hires 20 people. Let them dream up an employment project, incorporate, hire , get liscences and permits, pay payroll taxes and a salary for themselves without going bankrupt in six months.

It will be fascinating to see if President Obama will rise to the challenge and eliminate all programs that do not provide immediate stimulus to the economy. That would be honest and true to his campaign promise.

It is no wonder that Congress has such a low rating. These guys cant even abide by Truth in Labelling. This bill bails out nobody and provides no stimulus.

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