Tuesday, January 27, 2009


The up move in gold has stalled.

It looks like the $90 barrier for GLD( Spider Gold Trust - Exchange Traded Fund) held a third time since September. The $50 level is likewise formidable resistance for RGLD (Royal Gold Inc.)

Some support on the charts exists at $81 for GLD and at $45 and then $41 for RGLD.

Lets assume these are the current trading ranges. An hypothetical purchase of RGLD at the bottom of this range ($41) in mid December and a sale at year end at $49 would have made a simple 19.5% gain in about a month and a half. Repurchasing it again at $41 in mid January (14th) and selling it yesterday at $49 would have made another 19.5% simple gain, this time in less thana month.

The moral of the story: a little time spent looking at a chart on Stockcharts.com or bigcharts.com will help identify these ranges. It is possible to make a little money in these dire times with simple trades like thie.

DISCLAIMER: this is an illustration. Trading is not suitable for everyone, especially the desperate, and there is a considerable risk of loss, possibly all of the money bet. Get help from a knowledgeable professional, because these current patterns may not repeat and probably wont.
Nothing written here is meant as investment advice and we are not responsible in any way for your use of this information. Thank you legal department.

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