Friday, March 20, 2009

Bernanke wants mortgage rates at 3-4%; "massive assault"

From Dow Theory Letters:

Russell Comment -- They're calling it "The Rambo Fed." Bernanke is not fooling around any longer. He's playing all his cards. He's going to put a floor under housing and boost asset prices in an all-out attack on the bear market. Bernanke wants to drive mortgage rates down and refinance housing at 3-4%. On the news, the dollar swooned, the Euro surged, the long T-bond exploded higher by six points, and the yield on the ten-year Treasury bond sank to 1.51%. Whew, what a day and what an announcement.

The Bernanke plan -- smother deflation with money and put a floor under housing. Bernanke will in no way accept deflation. The Fed will go all-out in printing Federal Reserve Notes in its massive assault on deflation. Bernanke will accept a collapsing dollar rather than a repeat of the Great Depression. Actually, the Fed would like a lower (not a crashing) dollar. A lower dollar would be inflationary, which is what the Fed wants.

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