Monday, March 16, 2009

Penn West Energy: Too Good to Be True?

Penn West Energy Trust (PWE) is a Canadian-based company engaged in acquiring, developing, exploiting, and holding interests in petroleum and natural gas properties and assets. 43% of revenue is from natural gas and 57% is from crude oil.

According to a Scotia Bank report released on 3/13/09, though Penn West’s forecasted P/E for 2009 is 35, its Price/Cash Flow is only 3.2, much lower than the previous four years' average of 4.5.

This financial crisis is all about Balance Sheet. There doesn’t seem to be fundamental demand-supply imbalance problem. That’s why this week the market was up around 10% when government looked at relaxing “Mark to Market” rules. Though it might take much longer to recover, as long as a company has a strong balance sheet, it should be able to weather the storm.

From PWE's latest quarterly report, which outlines estimated future contractual obligations:Penn West’s financial liabilities as at December 31, 2008, the earliest debt due is $2.56 billion in year 2011.
Source: Yahoo Finance

Penn West recently announced a reduction in monthly distribution to unit holders from $0.34 per unit per month, a sustained level for 35 months, to $0.23 per unit per month. With 385 million unit holders, that is over $1 billion cash-outflow for 2009.

Compared to 2008, Penn West’s 2009 capital program was reduced significantly to between $600 million and $825 million. Assuming 2009 average prices of $45.00 per barrel for oil, $5.50 per GJ natural gas, the company believes that it can fund capital programs and distributions with internally generated funds flow.

With 28% yield, is it too good to be true? January 2009 car sales in China were more than in the U.S., the first time in history. In February China’s car sales were up by 25%. If you believe oil and gas prices will stay at this low level for a long time, then probably it is.

Disclose: Long PWE.

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