Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Avertible catastrophe

This is from The Financial Post of Canada.Full story linked above.

Lawrence Soloman makes the case ( I find it very plausible) that the contamination from the BP oil spill disaster was entirely avoidable.

The implication is that BP is responsible for the rig explosion and its consequences, but the US Federal Government headed by Barack Obama is culpable in the disaster that the contamination has caused on the Gulf Coast.

Lawrence maintains that the bulk of the contamination could have been avoided by taking up the Dutch offer of FREE equipment and expertise that was offered immediately the spill extent was known.

Had we accepted the help there would likely have been little or no oil reaching shore.

Lawrence maintains that side political issues prompted the US to refuse the offers of help and that refusal is the proximate cause of the vast contamination that subsequently occurred.

He is probably right. In an emergency I want the people with the expertise to put the fire out. I want them on the spot as soon as possible...the very last thing I want is a political intervention. Remember Nero?

He fiddled while Rome burned. Just like our emperor.

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