Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Britain Finished?

In a Bloomberg video interview, Jin Rogers (ex-partner Soros) said the U.K. is "finished."

According to Rogers, oil sales from the North Sea were the only thing supporting its economy, and the oil is running out. London, a global financial capital, is also a "disaster" because many of the current economic problems originated there. Bankers and money managers left the U.S. to operate with less regulation in London. Rogers has sold all of his pounds sterling.

And with the pound and U.S. dollar under scrutiny, where are currency traders putting their money? In the countries with the largest trade surpluses – Japan, Norway, and Switzerland. European banking giant BNP Paribas forecasts the yen will appreciate about 14% against the dollar by June. Norway's krone is one of Goldman Sachs' top picks for 2009 (it's one of Jim Rogers top picks too). And Bank of America says the Swiss franc will gain against every major currency.Maybe as speculations, these are good ideas.

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