Monday, April 13, 2009

U.S. Treasury tells GM to prepare for bankruptcy

General Motors was instructed by the U.S. Treasury to be ready to file for bankruptcy protection no later than June 1, The New York Times reported, quoting unnamed sources who are familiar with the matter. The government wants to see GM go through the bankruptcy process as quickly as possible to minimize the likely damage to the company's sales and to its image among car buyers, according to the newspaper. The New York Times Bondholders reportedly readying to fight GM bankruptcy.
Investors who own General Motors bonds are working on legal arguments against a potential bankruptcy filing by the troubled automaker, The Wall Street Journal reported, quoting sources acquainted with the matter. The bondholders fear that having GM in bankruptcy would force them to accept huge losses on their investments, according to the newspaper. Reuters.
This is unbelievable. who would have thought that a bankruptcy would force one to accept losses?

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