Wednesday, June 30, 2010

"Do more of what's working, and less of what's not."

Dennis Gartman, Louis Navellier,the late Louis Rukeyser ( remember him on Friday's Wall Street Week?) and many other successful traders and advisors recommend you do this.

CoreCap has always recommended you do this too. Its the right advice. Gartman has oft opined that half the gain you will get in a bull market you will get in the last 10% of its span.

So if you find what sector, security, commodity etc is in an uptrend and you buy into that trend, your chances of making big gains are very good.

So where's an uptrend now? What's working today?

Try these sectors (based on our market monitoring process):

Metals & Mining - think gold stocks:El Dorado Gold, Barrick, Buenaventura and Randgold come to mind as does GDX the Market Vectors gold mining fund and Silver Wheaton of course. Gold stocks are cheap relative to gold. Most people don't own them. And, importantly, gold stocks are working right now. Remember, you want to own more of what is working and less of what is not.
Banking - Corpbanca, Bancolombia and locally Credicorp and M&T Bank look interesting
Computer Software - Cognizant is worth looking to see if it suits you and also Microsoft
Computer Hardware - Apple of course! Verizon will be a service provider for all things Apple come January 2011

These are suggestions for your further inquiry (with your investment advisor please) NOT reccommendations, which may not be suitable for you. CoreCap thinks these are working now. He could be wrong (not the first time) and he claims no responsibility if you act on these suggestions.

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