Thursday, July 15, 2010

Signs of things getting better?

From Zacks Update July 2010

Sentiment on The Street has begun to turn positive as the stock market has enjoyed a sustained 7 day rally. Fears of a double dip recession are subsiding as companies report better than expected earnings this week.

The BP oil well has been capped, and durability testing is underway which proved to be a strong psychological hurdle for the market, and seems to have renewed hope that better times are ahead.

Update In Brief

Corporate cash and equivalent assets as a percentage of total assets are at their highest level in decades. This is a vast improvement from 2008 when we had a highly leveraged corporate sector.

As recovery in the market slowly continues, positive signs that the economy is also well on its way are beginning to firm up. Treasury rates have maintained their historic low levels for some time now, which of course begs the question of what the Federal Reserve’s short term move may be, if anything.

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