Saturday, July 10, 2010

Actions should be shaped by beliefs and values

Actions should be shaped by beliefs and values, not emotions. When investors understand volatility, they can manage market movements better and make better decisions. They can steer their financial ship with confidence, rather than sitting powerless and being pushed around by the market’s powerful tides.

Index Summary
The major market indices were higher this week. The Dow Jones Industrial Index rose 5.28 percent.
The S&P 500 Stock Index gained 5.41 percent, while the Nasdaq Composite finished 5.00 percent higher.
Barra Growth underperformed Barra Value as Barra Value finished 5.57 percent higher while Barra Growth rose 5.25 percent. The Russell 2000 closed the week with a gain of 5.09 percent.
The Hang Seng Composite finished higher by 2.99 percent; Taiwan was up 4.32 percent and the Kospi advanced 3.06 percent.
The 10-year Treasury bond yield closed at 3.05 percent, up 9 basis points for the week.

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