Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Ford works with the SEC on a sale of bonds backed by auto loans

Politicians, in their naieve zeal to regulate, have forced a pre-birth exception to the new law that is likely to become permanent:

Ford Motor Credit delayed a sale of bonds backed by auto loans last week because of regulatory uncertainty caused by the financial overhaul. On Monday, Ford sold a billion-dollar bond by working with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Ford and
the SEC created a reprieve to a part of the law that holds credit rating agencies liable for ratings they issue. "Clearly, the SEC recognizes the importance of the public [asset-backed securities] markets, and we are glad the staff is taking temporary measures to ensure public markets continue to be available by establishing a transitional period through Jan. 24, 2011," a spokeswoman wrote.
The Wall Street Journal

The SEC realizes the importance of keeping credit markets open; laws written by lobbyists and political operatives with no actual experience of real life business operations are inevitably going to harm the economy. They will force "exceptions" until the reality of daily business makes a mockery of the law now administered by an increased burocracy at immense permanent additional expense to the taxpayer.

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